Trevian Girls Softball Association

Trevian Philosophy and Team Agreement

This statement of Trevian Philosophy has been assembled to summarize the Trevian Girls Softball Association’s collective expectations and to guide all Trevian Coaches, players and parents in their softball activities both on and off the field. Exceptions to this philosophy statement may be approved by the TGSA Board as needed to maintain the overall function and development of TGSA. It is intended that this document be broad enough to allow for continued innovation, yet specific enough to ensure that basic objectives are met.  

The TGSA was originally established in 1980 to provide a top quality softball program for girls residing in the New Trier Township. The organization has since evolved to welcome players from neighboring and nearby communities as well. TGSA strives to maintain a strong base of community players in the organization, while also opening its doors to players from nearby areas seeking a top quality softball program.

TGSA is a non-profit organization run primarily by parent volunteers.  Through participation in the Trevian program, its players learn responsibility, hard work, teamwork and how these things add up to group success. Trevian players also build self-esteem and the confidence to take on difficult challenges later in life.

TGSA's Commitment to Players and Families

TGSA Coaches, Board members and officers are committed to providing a top-quality softball experience for its players and their families. Over the course of the program, players receive the opportunity to develop all basic, intermediate and advanced softball skills as well as knowledge of the game required to play at the high school level and beyond. These are gained by extensive practice and drills as well as through competition in league play and in competitive tournaments.

TGSA will ensure that all Coaches are qualified to teach the skills, rules and strategies of softball appropriate to each age group. The TGSA Board is responsible for:  Coach selection (with Board approval), training and development, supervision, program surveys (including annual evaluation of Coaches) and approval of team policies.

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