Trevian Girls Softball Association

The TGSA Travel Policy is as follows:

  • Safety is TGSA’s number one priority. Anyone driving must have a valid drivers license and drive in accordance with the law.
  • There shall be enough seat belts for the driver and every passenger. Every person traveling with the team must wear seat belts.
  • If there are not enough seat belts, the team does not travel.
  • Drivers shall refrain from any consumption of alcohol.

In addition, teams may develop their own supplemental rules to support this policy  

Overnight Safety
  • Players shall not leave open or unlocked a door to a hotel room while a teammate is alone in that room.
  • Players shall not walk unescorted, without a coach or parent or another player if over 18 years of age, from the hotel premises to or from another location.
  • No player shall roam the hallways of hotels without a buddy or parent accompanying her.
  • Coaches will verify that players are in their rooms and their doors locked each night if not accompanied by a parent.

In addition, teams may develop their own supplemental rules to support this policy.  

Player Safety

Coaches will consider player safety as an overriding priority. It is the responsibility of the parents to notify the Head Coach in writing before the season, or as soon as practicable, of any medical condition or physical limitation which could impair their daughter's ability to perform softball activities safely.

Coaches will help familiarize players with safety procedures. In addition, parents and players should, in particular, be aware of and follow these important safety practices:
  • The ASA (American Softball Association) requires that any player who is warming up a pitcher shall wear a catcher's mask.
  • NSFPL (National Softball Fast Pitch League Rules) state that on-deck batters, while the batter is in the batter's box, must stand behind the batter, i.e., on the third base side when a right-handed batter is at the plate, and vice versa.
  • Base runners involved in games and in base-running drills during practice shall wear helmets at all times.
  • TGSA strongly encourages the use of mouth guards.
  • TGSA players must wear facemasks when they are pitching in games.  In addition, pitchers must wear facemasks when pitching to batters in practice, when fielding as the pitcher during coach-assisted pitching, as well as when participating as pitchers during fielding practice.
TGSA parents and players are required to sign the TGSA Waiver and Release prior to a player's activity in the TGSA program. The release portion of this form authorizes emergency medical treatment for a player if a parent is not on hand, and it states that players and their parents assume liability for not following TGSA-required safety and other practices. 

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