Trevian Girls Softball Association
Player Development

It is the Association's belief that players should receive training and playing time in more than one position over the course of a season. This makes our players more versatile and, therefore, better prepared for the inevitable day when they will be asked to play a "new" position. Teams with versatile players are also capable of remaining competitive in spite of the unavoidable injuries, illnesses and absences that occur on every team.

All position players will receive instruction and practice in at least one infield position and at least one outfield position during the course of each season.  Pitchers and catchers will receive instruction and practice in at least one other position. Coaches will make best efforts to see that players have playing time for new positions to ensure that these skills are reinforced.


Playing Time  

A primary goal of the Trevian program is to prepare each player for a significant team role and to provide that player with the game time needed to reinforce the skills learned during practice.  A key step in meeting this goal is to give every player a chance to perform in both league games and in tournament situations.  Although winning is important, we also take a long-term view of player development, so that girls remain active members of our organization for as long as is beneficial and fun for them. We are very proud when young girls join the Trevians and continue to play ball all the way to college.

Parents and players should realize that playing time is affected by a number of “moving parts,” including time limits on game length, varying lengths of individual innings, the competitive dynamics of each game and each opposing team, the size of the roster, different tournament rules for player substitution, and sometimes even player health and injury. Furthermore, an absent player is not automatically accorded extra playing time when she returns, just because other players had more playing time when she was gone.


Pitchers and Catchers  

Pitchers play a distinctive role on the team. Pitching demands extra practice and specialized training, in addition to game experience. To an important extent, the same is true for catchers. 

The Role of Competition

The Trevian Philosophy embraces competition as an important component of player development. Athletic competition is healthy and is an exciting and stimulating part of the sport of softball. Competitiveness and player development may sometimes appear to be in conflict. There are some occasions when competition will play a decisive role in team decisions, but on most occasions competition should take a back seat to player development.

Emphasis on competition for Trevian teams differs greatly across the various age groups. Competition plays a minor role for the youngest age groups but increases in importance for the older age groups. As Trevian players gain skill and confidence, their natural desire to compete becomes greater and should be encouraged and developed.


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