Trevian Girls Softball Association
TGSA's Commitment to Players and Families

TGSA Coaches, Board members and officers are committed to providing a top-quality softball experience for its players and their families. Over the course of the program, players receive the opportunity to develop all basic, intermediate and advanced softball skills as well as knowledge of the game required to play at the high school level and beyond. These are gained by extensive practice and drills as well as through competition in league play and in competitive tournaments.

TGSA will ensure that all Coaches are qualified to teach the skills, rules and strategies of softball appropriate to each age group. The TGSA Board maintains a Coaches Committee responsible for:  Coach selection (with Board approval), training and development, supervision, program surveys (including annual evaluation of Coaches) and approval of team policies.

TGSA depends upon parent input in the direction of the organization and allows for at least one parent representative from each team on its Board of Directors.


Player's Commitment

Trevian players are committed to attend all practices and games, except for excused absences and unforeseen emergencies. The importance of this commitment comes from the basic nature of team sports. When any player misses a game or practice, it negatively affects every other player on the team, not only the missing player. Tardiness or unexcused absences may be cause for suspension or removal from the team. Players should notify the Head Coach or Team Manager as soon as possible of any anticipated absences. Players will abide by the written Team Policy and agree to:

  • Be on the field, on time and ready to play for all games and practices
  • Hustle and put forth their best efforts on the field at all times.
  • Support their teammates and encourage them in their efforts at all times.
  • Complete any homework, such as reading, conditioning or skill work.
  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate, sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Follow all safety rules, including the TGSA Travel Policy.


Coach’s Commitment

The top priority of all Trevian Coaches is to foster the safety, confidence and self-esteem of their players. In every phase of the Trevian program, all Coaches will treat players with respect and in a positive and encouraging manner. All Coaches will abide by and reinforce safety rules including the TGSA Travel Policy.

All Trevian Coaches must be qualified, through experience and study, to teach the softball skills and strategies appropriate to the age group of their respective team. All Trevian Coaches will work to improve knowledge of the game and teaching methods, in part, by attending Trevian Coaches’ clinics and by reading the ASA Playing Rules at the start of each season. The Head Coach accepts overall responsibility for developing his or her Assistant Coaches and holding them to these same standards of developing coaching skills and encouragement to players.

Good communication and administration are critical to the success of every team. The Head Coach is responsible for ensuring timely and accurate communications, including providing written schedules and travel directions. The Head Coach will provide team members with a written Team Policy, including attendance and standards of conduct for tournament travel with appropriate penalties for rules violations, and will apply the team policy consistently.


Parents’ Commitment

Parental support is the foundation of the Trevian program. Parents established the TGSA and serve as its Coaches, board members, officers and financial supporters, as well as its most loyal fans. Trevian parents must also make some fundamental commitments to support their daughters in their softball efforts.  Parents agree to abide by the TGSA Travel Policy.

Trevian parents must reinforce the importance of the commitments their daughters make. This is crucial to rounding out the overall learning process for our players - without it, players may get "mixed signals" about the overall importance of commitment and responsibility.

Another important job of Trevian parents is the on-going encouragement of the teams as well as their own daughters. The Coaches will maintain a positive, encouraging environment for the players, but Trevian parents must also act as "cheerleaders" both on and off the field.

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