Ari Chester Memorial


Ari Chester was a member of Trevian Girls Softball Association from 1997-2006, and during her senior year in high school, was the starting center fielder and co-captain of the New Trier Varsity Softball Team.  She was dearly loved and respected by all.

Trevian Girls Softball Association dedicates the Ari Chester Memorial Award to Ari’s amazing character and fine spirit, and to her love for fastpitch softball.  It is given each year to the player whose character, teamwork, effort, respect for others, and conduct on and off the field represents the ideal TGSA player.

At the beginning of each season, the head coaches shall inform the players and their parents of the award.  Each head coach may nominate one player on his or her team to be the recipient of the award.  Nominations should be submitted in writing or by email to the TGSA Board of Directors by the second Sunday in July.

One winner from the entire TGSA program will be selected annually by the Board of Directors.  The names of the winners will be listed on the TGSA website and on the plaque they receive in recognition of their award.

2023 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:




10U White: Rania Modi
10U Blue: Evelyn Chang
11U: Hannah Mary Higgins (WINNER)
12U White: Leila Blomeier
12U Blue: Gabby Schiffman
14U Blue 2009: Charlotte Fink
14U Blue 2008: Lyla Andelin
16U: Claire Tibschrany
18U: Lauren Chin


2023 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:
Hannah Mary Higgins
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2022 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

10U Gray: Josephine Primosch
10U White: Emma Boruta
10U Blue: Hannah Mary Higgins
11U: Emma Clarke
12U Blue 2009: Sydney Cheskes
14U Blue 2008: Ellie Ieuter
14U Blue 2007: Maggie Shambo
16U: Audrey Wesemann
18U: Ryanne Goodwin (WINNER)

2022 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:
Ryanne Goodwin
2021 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

10U White: Leila Blomeier
10U Blue: Maddie McCarthy
12U Gray: Sofia Norbot
12U White: Riya Singh
12U Blue 08: Ava Jackson
14U White: Simran Biggs
14U Blue: Caroline Carr-Smith
16U: Annie Ieuter (WINNER)
18U: Elle Ruchim

2021 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:
2020 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

10U: Charlotte Fink
12U Gray: Delfi Ayerza
12U White: Maddie Breden
12U Blue 08: Harper Glinn
12U Blue 07: Paige Purcell
14U: Kennedy Glinn (WINNER)
16U: Luciana Orta
18U: Sarah Bennett

2020 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:
2019 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

(from left) 16U: Elle Harris, 10U: Izzy Greenstein (not pictured) and Paige Brown, 12U: Zoe Hedstrom, 14U: Luciana Orta, 18U: Maddy Schoeff

2019 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:

Maddy Schoeff

2018 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

(from left) Alexis Horn, Clare Lanscioni, Bella Albrecht, Kat Klish, Beth Fisher

2018 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:

Beth Fisher

2017 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

(from left) Keleigh O’Neill, Hannah McDermott, Abby Carpenter (WINNER), Katie Palmer, Camryn Browne

2017 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:

Abby Carpenter

2016 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

(from left) Gina Hopf, Eloise Trout, and Beth Fisher, Cindy Secaras (WINNER)

2016 Ari Chester Memorial Winner:

Cindy Secaras

2015 Ari Chester Memorial Honorees:

(from left) Sabrina Argaez, Holly Beeman, Brynn Levinson, Kaley Carpenter, Natalie Abreu, Hope Harrington, Lauren Caldrone

2015 Ari Chester Memorial Winners:

Kaley Carpenter & Holly Beeman


Prior Year Ari Chester Memorial Winners


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