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Who We Are

Trevian Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization originally established in 1980 for girls residing in the New Trier Township. The organization has since evolved to welcome players from neighboring and nearby communities as well. We depend upon parent input for the direction of the organization and our Board of Directors includes at least one parent representative from each of our teams.

The Trevians teams participate in league play in the North Suburban Fastpitch League (NSFPL) and also in local and regional tournaments.


The Trevians Philosophy

Our Board Members, officers, and coaches are committed to providing a top-quality softball experience for players and their families, ensuring enjoyment for all while developing girls into well-rounded individuals. 

Trevian coaches are qualified – through experience and study – to teach the softball skills, rules and strategies appropriate to each age group, treating all players with respect and positive encouragement.


Trevian girls develop fundamental character-building skills like patience, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and self-esteem.


Our programs teach girls basic, intermediate, and advanced softball skills, preparing them to play at high school and college level.


Softball is a complete sport that challenges young girls in a positive way and offers opportunities for both character and athletic growth.

Competition is an important component of player development and must, at times, play a decisive role in team decisions. For the most part, however, the players’ development should take precedence over competition.

Fostering the safety, confidence and self-esteem of our players must always be the coaches’ top priority.

Everyone should exhibit sportsmanlike conduct at all times, showing respect and courtesy to coaches, players, officials, parents and spectators alike.

All players should receive training and playing time in more than one position. It allows them to become more versatile and be ready to contribute to the team in any role.

Peer-to-peer mentoring is an important experience for both the mentor and the mentee, which is why we encourage our alumnae to provide knowledge and support to younger girls through our mentorship program.



Tryouts for Trevian 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U teams are completed for the season, except for 10U. All players, including returning Trevians, must register and try out to be eligible for the travel team program.

When: July and August 2022 |  Where: 401 Wagner Rd., Northfield, IL


The Board of Directors is responsible for: coach selection, training and development, supervision, programs review, annual coaches’ evaluation and approval of team policies.

Charlie Ieuter


Maria Secaras

Fundraising Chair

Nora Shea

Board Member

Melissa Schiffman


Kelsey Lee

Executive Director

Al Dolinko

2nd Vice President

Hoyt Hudson


Liz Wesemann

Board Member

Susan Kougias

Board Member

Joe Albrecht

Board Member

Bill Ieuter

1st Vice President

Dana Dolinko

Board Member